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Working With Your Body
BFL Support Page
Why the Body-for-LIFE Program Works

  • Ten Keys to Fast Fitness
  • Working With Your Body
  • BFL Support Page

  • Your Four Energy Systems and How To Train Them
  • Your Raging Metabolism

  • How To Work Out
  • The Principle of Overload

  • Nutrition Keys
  • How Calories Work
  • Post-Exercise Protein

  • Motivation, Daily Action and Self-Talk
  • Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Feelings

  • Measuring Your Progress
  • You Really Do Change from the Inside Out
  • Caloric Deficits and Fat Loss
  • Unleash the Secret Weapon

  • In memory of Julie Whitt - 2004 BFL Inspiration Champion - in her last months, she wrote "I think my story lit a spark in people and I want to keep the flame alive if I'm not here to do it myself. The way I see it, I can't lose. Surviving this transplant means a whole new life for me. Dying from this transplant means a whole new life for me. I've never been so at peace with something. This is my time to shine, so whether that light shines on Earth or in Heaven, may God's will be done."

    May His face shine on you too, Julie.

    John P. Hussman, Ph.D.

    Thanks for visiting !

    “Thank you, John, for this wonderful website! I continue to refer every one I'm working with to it!”
    - From Kelly Adair, Omaha NE

    “John, I've been hearing about your site for a long time now. Excellent information. I'm very impressed. You're obviously passionate about this subject and of helping others, as I am (count me as a new organ donor)”
    - From Harry "Hank" Johnson Jr.
    1998 EAS Champion

    “I feel I owe you thanks for I continually sourced your website for information during my challenge. To everyone doing this, put your heart and soul into it. The reward at the end is so worth it. It will change your life if you let it. ”
    - From Debbi Rossi, Australia
    2002 EAS Grand Champion

    The current guestbook username and password is: bluebird

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    About John Hussman

    If you find this site helpful, I would like to ask just one thing. Please, please, sign your organ donor card, discuss this choice with your family, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Like everything else on this site, it's not enough to read this. Nothing happens unless you actually do it. I promise, it won't affect the medical care you get while you're alive, and you won't miss anything when you're gone. But you'll save lives. And I have no doubt that Lisa Sherman, my dear friend on earth, and my guardian angel in heaven, will find some way to thank you. She was 37. Click here to download an organ donor card (simply sign it and fold it behind your driver's license)
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