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          Measuring Your Progress
If the body didn't lose fat uniformly, we'd all wobble around like Weebles because our relatively fixed bone and muscle structure wouldn't be able to tolerate the variation. If you're looking for results in the mirror, look for the first signs of improved definition at those areas where muscle is relatively close to the surface. For most people, this is the upper chest and shoulder area.

          You Really Do Change From the Inside Out
Nearly everyone I know who has completed a physique transformation, including some of the EAS Champions, say that the changes take place from the inside out. In other words, what you observe outside is just a reflection of the changes that happen in your attitudes and your whole outlook on life. The same thing is true in a real, physical sense.

          Caloric Deficits and Fat Loss
For every pound of fat you want to lose, you have to burn 3500 more calories than you take in. If you accumulate persistent caloric deficits day after day, you will lose fat. This is not a theory. It's a law of physics.

          Unleash the Secret Weapon
If you've gone for more than about 6 weeks, working out consistently, without any measurable fat loss, you're probably asking What's wrong with me?!!!

If you find this site helpful, I would like to ask just one thing. Please, please, sign your organ donor card, discuss this choice with your family, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Like everything else on this site, it's not enough to read this. Nothing happens unless you actually do it. I promise, it won't affect the medical care you get while you're alive, and you won't miss anything when you're gone. But you'll save lives. And I have no doubt that Lisa Sherman, my dear friend on earth, and my guardian angel in heaven, will find some way to thank you. She was 37. Click here to download an organ donor card (simply sign it and fold it behind your driver's license)
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